Fang's Chilli Sauce


At Fang’s Chilli Sauce the philosophy of sharing food amongst family and friends rings true; it’s our favourite thing to do!

Therefore, it is no surprise that our sauce wasn’t created by accident and by a relative of the Kerr clan too.

Developing the ideal chilli sauce has been a relentless four year journey of almost obsessive commitment and an abundance of passion, shared by Chef Clinton Fang Yuen and his team.

Our Chilli sauce is the product of countless batches and taste testings, followed by dining room discussions going late into the night, and even into the early hours. Flavour, consistency, balance and after tones, how one version compared to the next, all to define exactly what essential ingredients combine to make the perfect chilli sauce.

With one last tweak, the planets aligned and the ultimate Fang’s Chilli Sauce recipe was established.

Clinton Fang Yuen’s “Fangs Chilli Sauce” is now yours to enjoy and share.

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